CompTIA CASP (CAS-003): Advanced Security Practitioner

The CompTIA CASP is a vendor-neutral certification that validates advanced-level security knowledge and skills. In this CertKit, you will examine the objectives within the five domains of CASP in order to prepare for the certification exam CASP CAS-003.

CertKit content:

  • E-learning courses:
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Business and Industry Influences and Risks
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Organizational Security and Privacy Policies
    • Risk Mitigation Strategies and Controls
    • Risk Metric Scenarios for Enterprise Security
    • Integrating Network and Security Components, Concepts, and Architectures
    • Integrating Security Controls for Host Devices
    • Integrating Controls for Mobile and Small Form Factor Devices
    • Selecting Software Security Controls
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Conducting Security Assessments
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Implementing Incident Response and Recovery
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Integrating Hosts, Storage, and Applications in the Enterprise
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Integrating Cloud and Virtualization Technologies in the Enterprise
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Integrating and Troubleshooting Advanced AAA Technologies
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Implementing Cryptographic Techniques
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Secure Communication and Collaboration Solutions
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Applying Research Methods for Trend and Impact Analysis
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Implementing Security Activities across the Technology Life Cycle
    • CompTIA CASP CAS-003: Interacting across Diverse Business Units
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  • Online Mentor
  • Tips & Tricks