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EXIN was founded in the Netherlands in 1984 as an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It has over 30 years’ experience in the field of developing exams, accrediting partners and has certified over 2 million professionals worldwide. EXIN offers exams and e-Competence assessments in over 165 countries and 20 languages.

EXIN certifies professionals and offers a wide range of exams in the rapidly-changing field of IT qualifications. It continually innovates by developing exams in-house, both independently and with partners, to enrich its portfolio and broaden the scope of the exams offered. EXIN also accredits partners to be able to train and offer exams to professionals.

EXIN strives to continually evolve and develop as an organization. To help realize these ambitions, EXIN has a mission and vision to act as a guiding light in everything we do.


EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation CertKit

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation offers professionals a unique certification that combines agile service management techniques and scrum development frameworks. The exam tests candidates on their understanding of key concepts and their application. The following subjects are included in the examination: Agile Way of Thinking Scrum practices Scrum Planning and Estimation Monitoring Scrum Projects Advanced Scrum Concepts


  • E-learning
    • Agile Principles, Methodologies, and Mindset
    • Software Practices (SCRUM): SCRUM Roles
    • Software Practices (SCRUM): SCRUM Meetings
    • Agile Planning
    • Planning and Monitoring Iterations in Agile Projects
    • Advanced Scrum: Developing the Product and Sprint Backlogs
  • Exam quizzes
  • Downloadable course material
  • Tips & Tricks

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