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The Nova Learning experience

As an IT- or HR-manager you know that the biggest influence on the success of IT projects and ongoing operation is the skill of the people deploying and operating the technology. Having people with the right skills is vital to getting the most out of technology investments and business-critical systems. So having the linked certifications and accreditations is important in formalizing skills planning across teams, as well as demonstrating a high-level of quality management and governance.

But increasingly, training has to pay for itself in terms of business benefit and enhanced performance. It is no longer acceptable to have an uncontrolled and fragmented expenditure that is not measurable against business objectives.

Find the right training for the individuals in your organization?

With Nova Clarify you can easily find the knowledge gap and a training solution to match. You can use our standard skills assessments on our webpage free of charge or we can help you in creating a specific assessment for your organization – based on the more than 4.500 questions we have in our system, and matching your organizations job roles.

What you should know of certification

    • Certification improves organizational performance.
    • 40 % of operational downtime is due to operator error—attributable to a significant lack of training on core systems.
    • Team performance increases every time a new team member is certified.
    • With a sufficient percentage of team members certified, IT operational performance can increase up to an average of 11 %.
    • High-performing teams spend less time deploying and fixing solutions and spend more time maintaining and improving the systems they operate

Companies need to invest in shorter, portable training because the worldwide workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and less time is available for employees to attend classroom-based training or sit online for extended periods. Cert Kit solves this problem, by supplementing or replacing classroom-based training.