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MeasureUp’s award-winning practice exams help IT professionals pass their certification exams. Customizable, with remediation and numerous reference sources, our practice exams set the quality standard. Includes performance-based simulations mirroring actual work environments to execute critical tasks.


Customer Testimonials

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“The labs and the practice test that I’ve purchased were great. I will definitely keep using the labs and use the practice tests when I need to certify for something.”

– Rob O.


“With MeasureUp, we found we could pull a few kids out and in just a few days highlight the major areas they needed to review so everyone could succeed.” Read the full Success Story…

– Bob Treichel, Engineering Department Instructor, Lake Havasu High School, Arizona


“MeasureUp is an excellent fit for our program – study mode teaches students to manage their time and answer questions in a variety of formats. We customize the practice tests to ensure our students are taking questions on the objective domain they are studying at the moment.” Read the full Success Story…

– Michael Lafferty, Vision Workforce Skills, UK


“I love these tests, they help me learn a lot of the CompTIA A+ syllabus… Thank you.”

– Alex C., UK


“Definitely worth the money.  Free versions just don’t compare.  Found explanations with each question extremely useful.”

– Heather L., UK


“Thank you for the extraordinary contents in the prep exams! This is the expression of my gratitude for Measure Up. I am now a fully qualified MCDST as of October 19, 2010. Please keep up the great stuff, because I will definitely come back for more whenever I am going to take any other tests!”

– S. M., Georgia


“I had to write a quick note regarding your 70-432 and 70-450 tests.  I am now a MCITP Database Administrator 2008 because I studied from your terrific practice exams.  I highly recommended your tests to the entire IT team I work with.”

–  Andrew Brittain, Spring Hill, FL

“The explanations are great. I like the study mode because it explains the wrong answers as well. Great Job.”

–  Joseph Kaulfers

“I have been an Education Consultant with New Horizons of Jacksonville Florida for six years, tasked with the responsibility of providing counseling and education services to those who have served our Country in The Unites States Military. Many of my students have one shot to pass an exam therefore I only trust Measure Up to let me know when my students are ready to test. Measure Up provides excellent administrative tools that allow me to identify my client’s strengths and weaknesses and track progress and effort before issuing exam vouchers. In six years I have certified over 95% of all students who have met our standard for Measure Up activity. Because results matter, I only trust Measure Up.”

– Robert M., New Horizons – Jacksonville

“Regarding the practice tests, the consensus of opinion amongst everyone who has used them is very favourable, since not only do you get to practice your knowledge of subject matter but you also get detailed explanations and references for the questions with which you are unfamiliar. Speaking from recent personal experience, I have used a number of your practice tests as part of my certification preparation with great success! Once again, thanks for the excellent service you’ve already given and here’s to the future!”

– Rob Whiston, Senior Instructor

“I think the questions are challedging and directly bridge the study materials to the actual certification test. Your testing  formats allow me to learn why the answer was the coreect answer and to learn more about the option choices that were offered for each question. I believe your measureups helped me to pass my first A+ Essentials certification test! Thank you!!!

– J. Victoria Gibson

“Since my classes have been practicing with the materials produced by your company, there has been an increase in the number of students passing the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Examination. Approximately 90% of the students taking the exam are passing. Again, I thank you and look forward to working with MeasureUp in the future.

– Patricia Belle, MOS Instructor

“I really like the look and feel of the new way you present the questions.  It’s more like the actual exam.  Being able to practice with your tests has helped me pass the WIN 2000 Prof and Server.  Thanks a lot.”

– Lori Rollins, Lancaster, South Carolina

“Just wanted to say what a “GREAT” site you have here! I am very pleased with what I’ve learned and the way I’ve learned it. The best part of all is the “Explanation” portion of the test. It really teaches me why the right answer is right, and why the other answers are wrong. I love that! None of the other test sites I’m registered with give that much in-depth explanation. Keep up the good work and thank you soooo much! I’m quite confident that I will pass my test next week with flying colors!!”

– James Wefler, Houston, TX

“I’ve just upgraded my CNE to NetWare 5. Your practice test was a great help in focusing my preparation. Good Job! Keep it up!”

– Steve Howarth

“By far, this test engine has more unique and interesting features than any other product.”

– James Carrion, MCSE, MCT, MCNE, CNI, Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine

“I am glad to have found this system for preparing for the MCSE tests. I have used MeasureUp to help me pass 5 of the 6 required MCSE tests. I have passed each test the first time. I really believe that I would not have done so well if it weren’t for the MeasureUp tests.”

– Jeff Mothersbaugh

“One of the best online testing sites.”

– Emmett Dulaney, Windows NT System Magazine

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service and excellent online testing facility. I feel confident that I will pass my ‘Prosoft Foundations Course’ with many thanks to you and your fantastic site.”

– Claire Armstrong, Western Australia

“I think these tests are awesome, you guys run a great website. I am taking my A+ hardware exam on Tuesday and this has been an integral part of my training. The procedure for logging in and understanding how to navigate the site was mapped out very well. I think you guys are and will continue to be successful.”

– Justin Williams, Greenwood, IN

“I’ve been promoting your product in my classes; I think you have done a better job compared to other test prep providers. Typically during the last two classes, I will use your product to test the students’ knowledge. It also serves as a tool for the students who think they really understand the material; going over these questions they soon realize they need to study. Keep up the good work…”

– Lee M. Bely, Herzing College

“Thank you so much for such a quick response. Very much appreciated. I think that the service you are providing is invaluable and incredibly useful. Nice to see the genuine sincerity associated with such a rapid attempt at problem resolution. That’s not what I expected. Thanks again. Extremely Impressed.”

– Scott Pettit

“I just received my MCSE yesterday after passing TCP/IP. I just want to thank you for this wonderful support and site that you have to offer. I have been working hard and using this site everyday. Now I must move onto the CPA exam. However, I will see you in January again. Thanks for all your training!!”

– Nicholas A. Horton MCP, MCSE

“This has to be the greatest site on the net and that’s a fact. I soon will be taking tests to get certified and really wanted a little sample of what’s to come as to what the test are like and subject matter. This site provides just that and is top of the line in ease of use and subject matter. What more can I say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ”

– Matt Lambert, Lambert-Tech Computer Service

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me to prepare for the NetWare 5 Advanced Admin test. After using your online testing, I took the test and missed only one question. Your software is the best yet. I also used the Cyber Pass software but yours was more in line with the real test. Thanks for helping me upgrade my CNE.”

– Brett Andrews

“If the best way to evaluate any product is by the result that the product delivers, then MeasureUp deserves an A+. So far, I have taken six tests and I have passed all six tests. I could not have done this without the help of MeasureUp. Thank you MeasureUp! I am an MCSE now!”

– Brian Sauers, MCSE

“I just wanted to say you have an excellent product. I just scored a perfect 1000 on 70-081, MS Exchange 5.5, after studying your sample examination questions to help prepare for the test. Thanks!”

– John M. Jones, MCSE, Eastern Computers, Inc

“I have purchased 3 of your test and have been very satisfied. It has helped me to focus on some problem areas. I have completed 3 training tracks and obtained MCP+I, MCSE, CCNA Certification and will pursue CCNP. I will continue to use your testing to assist me in my CCNP track.”

– Paul

“Hello MeasureUp Support, Thanks for the great service. This is definitely a form of customer satisfaction that is appreciated. I hope my organization takes your service as an example to follow!”

– C. C.

“To summarize, after taking the exam, I can tell you now what I concluded last year when I participated in the PMP practice test evaluation; that the MeasureUp Practice Exam was the best study tool I used in preparing for the exam.  I looked at several other preparation tools and attended a PMP prep class last year but I credit the MeasureUP practice test with reinforcing the PMBOK content better than any other study method.  It was a major factor in my success on the exam.”

– Stephen Moses, PMP, Program Management, Technology Planning, Business Development

“You guys still rock!!!  I just passed the second MCDST.  I am now A+ and MCDST certified because of you guys. Next up is the Net+.”

– blessed839

“Hey Guys, I passed my A+ Certification Test!  Both. I am now A+ Certified. Love you Guys. Can’t wait to start in the morning working on the MCDST Cert. Practice Test. Thanks Again.”

– David Keith Freeman

“I recently attended a boot camp, and have two other exams to take as well.  The company that I trained with had provided the [competitor] cert prep materials for each of the 3 courses covered in the boot camp.  I went through everything in the book, everything on the CD (which was much more in depth than the book), and all 152 of the [competitor] test questions – printed them out and studied them.  They contained even more material than the book and the CD, so when I was able to consistently score over 90% on their tests in certification mode, I thought I was ready to take the certification exam.  Wrong!  Well, it could have been worse, but to my surprise, there were things (constructs, syntax, references) on the exam that I had never even seen before.  I made a lot of mental notes that got put onto paper as soon as I got to my car.  When I looked at the 7 questions in your demo test (which was a few days before I tried to purchase the test, so fortunately I got to see your web site working on my first visit) I immediately recognized at least two of the things on my list, so HOPEFULLY this will help me to bridge the gap.  I am a self-employed programmer who is doing all of this at my own expense in order to try to maintain an edge in these difficult times, so I do appreciate your efforts and your courtesy.”

– Eileen

“I just wanted to personally email you to let you know how pleased I was with your product.  I wasn’t looking for just some practice test that feed me answers, I really wanted to understand the material so that I would be confident going into the test.  I went into the test today with NO doubt that I would pass. Your product delivered that and more!  I left the test with a 891 out of a possible 900.  For my next certification, I will definitely be back.”

–  Juana